Wednesday, October 6, 2021

12 Wooden Plaque Paintings

 It has been almost 2 months since my last blog post.  During that time I did 12 paintings.  What is different about these paintings are that they are on 11X14 wood plaques that were cut for me by my son Mark.  I painted these to show at the Owl and Rabbit Galley.  I thought it would be fun to try something other then canvas paintings.  I took them to the gallery yesterday and was happy to find out I sold 2 of the paintings featured in my last post.  Here are photos of those paintings. They are "Flight of Fancy" and "Basket of Beauty".  

Next I will post photos of the wood plaques.  Most of the subject matter are patterns that I have sold many times in the past.  I also came up with some new ideas and that are different than what I have done in the past.  I thought since so many people here travel to the beaches often, to try some ocean scenes.  Here are those paintings.

The first is titled "By the Sea-side".

This next one is titled "Day at the Beach.

This one is titled "Ocean View".

The following plaques were oval in shape and I painted 3 of my best selling horse paintings.  Which are "Flaming Mane", "Mare & Foal", and "Mighty Mustang".

Other best sellers are "Mr. Hoots", "Rooster Reveille", "Forest Royalty", and "Doe & Fawn".

The last two are still life paintings.  The first is "Duck Decoy Still Life" which is one that I have done before.  The other is a new pattern that I came up with because I wanted something with a fall theme.  I call this one "Autumn Still Life".


I will keep these paintings at the gallery until after Thanksgiving then change them out with something else for the Christmas season.  I'm not sure what I will paint for that showing.  I have to think on it for awhile. 

 It was so much easier when I lived in Tucson.  Almost everything I painted had a southwest theme and and almost everything I painted sold.  Now that I live in a different part of the country it is harder for me to come up with subjects that I think will sell here.  We are half way between the ocean and the mountains so that is why I painted the wood plaques with subjects that may appeal to people who prefer one over the other.

 The other good thing about Tucson is that there were so many good venues to show my work.  I am very limited in the places to sell my paintings here.  I love to create art but hate the marketing part of selling my art.  As I get older I have gotten lazier in hunting out new venues.  I don't like to do arts & craft shows and selling online is a lot of work.  I don't show at the art league gallery any more because I don't want to have to take my turn at working in the gallery.  Like I said, I have gotten lazy about marketing and just want to stay home and paint. I guess I will have to be happy to continue with showing at the Owl & Rabbit where all I have to do is drop off my paintings and they do all the work.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Two Awards and New Paintings for Owl & Rabbit Gallery

I was honored to find out I won two awards at the Burlington Artist League Senior Art Competition.  I took second place with "Flaming Mane".

 I also got an honorable mention with "Patchwork & Pansies"

This now makes a total of 15 awards I have won in various art competitions since 2007.  I won 10 while living in Tucson, 1 in Michigan and now 4 here in North Carolina.

The Owl & Rabbit Gallery in downtown Burlington has been a good venue for showing my art.  I change out the paintings about every six weeks.  Here is the newest group of paintings that I painted for the gallery. I did two paintings each of different subject matter.  The first 2 are "Beautiful Butterflies" and "Flight of Fancy.

The next two are "Decorative Cross" and "Small Decorative Cross".

Here are "Turquoise & Topaz" and "Fun Flowers"

These two are "Basket of Beauty" and Sunflowers in Burgundy Vase"

I also decided to show a small 5X7 painting I did a few months ago called "Bird & Blossoms" but I forgot to take a photo of it.

When I took this group of paintings to the gallery I found out I sold "Fanciful Feathers" from the Southwest themed paintings I showed last month.  

I have a number of projects I am working on now.  As always, I'll do a blog post featuring them when I am done.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Grand-daddy's cat and 2 paintings for family members

 It has been 6 weeks since my last post.  I have been busy with lots of projects in that time period and am finally getting around to a new blog post.  

Here is the story of those projects which is that of  Grand-daddy's cat:  

For as long as we can remember Roger's parents had this cat sitting on the floor of wherever they lived at the time.  We are not sure when or where they got it but I'm guessing it could be at least 60 or more years old. They may have lived in West Virginia when they got it or maybe when they moved to Ohio in the late 1940's 

 Our kids called Roger's father Grand-daddy. When he passed away at age 80 in 1999 our son Brian asked if he could have something to keep in memory of Grand-daddy.  He was given this cat. Brian was in the Air Force at the time so the cat became very well traveled.  I know for sure that he lived in Arizona, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, and it was in his last home in New Mexico that the accident happened.

Shortly after Brian & Sarah moved to New Mexico, when they were out of town, their house had a water pipe burst and if flooded the whole house.  Everything they owned was damaged but the cat was still okay, that was, until the workers came into the house.  The workers had to rip out all the drywall and took all of Brain and Sarah's possessions and threw them in a pile in the middle of the house and covered them with a tarp.  The cat did not survive the rough treatment.  This is what happened to him.

Brian was heart-broken when he discovered the shattered cat.  When he told us what had happened he mentioned that he thought he would to an online search to see if he could find someone who could repair the cat.  That is when I reminded him that when I lived in AZ I had repaired some statues and other broken items for some friends and that I would like to give it a try.  He boxed up all the broken pieces and sent them to me. The above photo is what I found when I opened the box.  I immediately said a prayer and then got to work.  

I started with the largest pieces which were the back end and tail which were in two pieces and the paws which were also in two pieces.  As I put pieces together I had to let them set over night to dry and fuse together.  Each day I put a few more pieces together until I got top part done. 

The next step was to get the bottom together.  It was in quite a few pieces but, with Roger's help using his glass grinder, I was able to get the final pieces together.

The last step was the cosmetic part which included filling in the small holes where the pieces were shattered beyond repair and then painting over all the patch lines.  Here is the finished results.

I was blessed in the fact that I remembered I had taken a photo of the cat when Brian lived in San Antonio. It was like doing a puzzle, having a picture of what it looked like before was a big help. Lastly, I put in in a basket with a nice cozy lining.  I also gave him a collar and bow.

I will instruct Brian and Sarah to keep him in his basket and to put him in a safe place to prevent any future accidents.  I think he has used up the last of his 9 lives!

The other projects I did were for each of my daughters-in-law.  Sarah commissioned me to do a patchwork painting in shades of grey.  That is what I titled this painting, "Shades of Grey." I know this looks like a black & white photo but it is what the actual painting looks like.

Leslie had two panels in her family room coffee-table that she removed and requested I paint my "Beautiful Bird and Blooms" pattern on them.  Here is what the finished product looks like.

I have also completed a number of other paintings in the past weeks which I will be taking to the Owl and Rabbit Gallery soon.  I will do a blog post featuring them soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

New Southwest Series painted in North Carolina and our new patio.

I have been busy since my last post painting a series of 8 southwest inspired paintings.  Roger was busy installing a new patio at the side of our house. 

When we first moved here we had a small parking area on the side of our townhouse.  It wasn't long before the land behind us was developed to add more townhouses and the parking area turned into a road to get back to the new homes which put us on a corner lot.  That side of our yard did not look very nice.  It was covered in pine straw and had no plants.  We wanted to make it look better because so many people were passing by in cars or walking. Now, when  people who ae taking walks pass by they stop and tell us how nice our new patio looks.  We have met many new neighbors this way.  Here are before and after photos of that area.

When we lived in Arizona most of my paintings featured southwest subjects.  I sold 100's of these paintings over the years.  When we moved back east I started painting other subject matter.  Roger has been encouraging me to do some southwest paintings so a  few months ago I did a saguaro painting and took it to the gallery and to my surprise it sold.  That got me thinking that maybe North Carolina people like southwest art so I decided to do a series of some of my best selling AZ paintings to show at the Owl & Rabbit Gallery.  I took the paintings to the gallery yesterday.  It will be interesting to see if any of them sell.   Here are the new paintings.

OH NO!  I just realized when I was searching my file for the other two paintings that I forgot to take photos of them.  I will have to go to the gallery to do that.  When I do, I will post the photos.

  I have one more painting that I added to the collection that I did in AZ.  It is one of the few that had not sold before we moved away.  Here it is.

I am happy to say that three of the Patchwork and Flowers paintings that I featured in my last post and showed in the galley sold.  

I had another small project that I did for a neighbor.  She had taken a trip to Florida with some friends.  They went to the beach everyday and set up their chairs under a colorful beach umbrella.  She took a photo of the chairs and umbrella and asked me to paint the scene on some shells she had collected.  They were to be gifts for her friends.  Here is a picture of the shells which I painted with the photo she gave me.

My next painting project will be a couple of panels that go in a coffee table that belongs to my son and daughter-in-law.  They want me to paint them with my bird and flower pattern.  I also have been collecting some furniture pieces that I want to paint and I must decide what kind of painting series I should do to replace the southwest paintings at the gallery in a few months.

I'm not selling my art at the same pace as I did in Arizona but am glad I am selling enough to keep me busy.  Part of the problem is that I am not putting much effort into finding new venues to show my art.  I love to paint but don't like having to market myself and my art.  I don't want to do art & craft shows anymore and I don't want to do a web-page to sell online.  Tucson was very art-friendly with many places available to show art.  I was at the point in my art career where I had places asking me to do shows so I didn't have to continue to search for places to show. It is hard to start over in a new place where I am an unknown artist.  For now, I will be content to show my art in the Owl & Rabbit Gallery.  I guess I am just too lazy to try to search out other places to show.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

 It has been a month since my last post at the end of March. We had our first and second vaccination shots in March so are now able to get out and about and socialize more.  

  April started with Roger having Mohs surgery on his nose and then a few weeks later he had to have another spot removed on his forehead.  Those surgeries caused him not to be able to work  on our outside projects because he was not allowed to bend over.  What he could do was to work on our last two loft stained glass windows because he does that in a standing position.  Here is a photo of the finished windows which are in my art studio area of the loft.

In mid April our son Brian & his wife Sarah came for a visit.  It was nice to finally be able to have family time together.  Here is a photo of Brian & Sarah and our son Mark & wife Leslie who live near us.  

In between all the activities that were going on, I did find time to paint.   In my last post I said I would finish the desert scene that I had started early in the year as my next project. I had stopped work on it because I was inspired to do my patchwork & posies paintings.   In early April I stared working on the desert scene , BUT, inspiration took me in another direction again.  I've mention before about how we have found items on the side of the road that people want to get rid of.  This time we picked up two chairs that were in good condition structurally. I couldn't wait to start work on one of them that I wanted to do for myself because I had the perfect spot for it in my dining area.  I could visualize the color pallet and subject matter that I wanted to paint.  I put the desert scene aside again to paint the chair.  Here is the before photo.

Here is the after photo.

This next photo is a close-up of the seat.  

This last photo shows the chair next to my shelf unit.  The colors compliment all the items on the shelf.

I hope to get back to my desert scene painting but there is still another chair calling my name.  You will have to wait until I post again to see what I paint next.

When I took my patchwork paintings to the Owl & Rabbit Galley  to change out what I had hanging there, I found out I had sold a painting from that group.  It is called "Happy Dragon".  

We continue to enjoy ourselves in retirement.  It is hard to believe it is 25 years since we retired and moved to Arizona. We had 20 wonderful years there then a little over 2 years in MI and in July it will be 3 years since we moved to NC.  Time flies when you are having fun!!!