Welcome to Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work

Welcome to  Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work
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Whimsical Works of Art by Artist Pam Davidson AKA "The Dot Lady"

Whimsical Works of Art by  Artist Pam Davidson  AKA "The Dot Lady"
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Friday, February 12, 2016

"Doe and Fawn"

This is my latest painting titled "Doe and Fawn".  I am often asked how long it takes me to create a painting so I decided to time myself while I did this one.  I also took photos of the different steps in the process.  Since people seem interested in how I do a painting I am going to post the photos of the different steps.

The hardest thing on this painting was coming up with an idea.  I had planned to paint on Super Bowl Sunday while my husband watched the game.  I started by picking a frame then painted an 11X14 canvas board black. Next I started to think about what I would paint but was totally brain dead so went on Facebook and asked my friends for ideas.  I couldn't believe how many ideas were given to me but nothing quite appealed to me so I gave up on painting that evening and just played games on the computer and watched some of the game.

 The next morning I woke up with an idea (I do my best thinking in the morning).  I decided to do a doe and her fawn similar the the mare and foal painting I have done in the past.  I spent maybe 20 minutes doing online research on deer and looked at images of both does and fawns and started to get an idea of what I wanted the painting to look like.  I was going to start on the painting that morning but when I checked my email I had a commission for two domino train stations from a lady from DE. So I put the painting on hold for a few days until I completed the commissioned job.

By Wednesday I was ready to do the painting. I started by doing  the preliminary drawing on tracing paper. I also decided I wanted a brown border so painted it on the canvas that morning.
Here is the sketch.
I bowl in a league that meets on Wednesday afternoon so I didn't start work on the painting until I got home at 4 that day. The first thing I did was to transfer the sketch to the canvas with white transfer paper.
I then painted in the base colors.
My working time on Wednesday was about 4 hours.  Thursday was a cold snowy day...a perfect day to stay home and paint.  The first thing I did that morning was to splatter the frame with black paint to give it a rustic look.  I use an old toothbrush and run a pencil across the bristles to splatter the paint.
The next step was to add shading to each color section by floating on a darker color around the edges of each section.

By the time I finished this part it was time for lunch so I took a couple hours off to eat and relax.  When I went back to work I started what I consider the "fun part".  That is doing the design decoration on each section to give it that patchwork look. I worked on this for a few hours then took another break.
Later I finished off the painting by doing the final shading using a wash of black and dry brushing on white.  I outlined each section in black and did the dot work on the border.  I worked on the painting  just over 5 hours yesterday.

I did the final work on the painting this morning by applying 3 coats of polycrylic.  This helps to protect the paint and also helps to make the colors "POP".  I use Minwax satin polycrylic.  After the protective coats were dry I framed the painting. Total time I spent on creating this painting is around 10 hours. If you scroll up to the top of this page you can take another look at the finished painting.

 I enjoy painting and to make it even more fun I listen to audio books while I paint. I have always been a book lover so now I can do two things I love at the same time...Reading and Painting!  On Wednesday I finished listening to "a Spool of Blue Thread" by Anne Tyler which I had started earlier in the week and yesterday I started "The Cinderella Murder" by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke.  I got through four discs and still have 3 to go. That means I will have to start another painting project so I can finish my book.  Not sure what I will do next but am thinking maybe a functional item like a bowl.  I painted many of them when I lived in Tucson but they all had a southwest subject.  I will have to come up with a new idea that will appeal to the Michigan art lover.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New canvas painting and more house decorating photos

I finished my latest canvas painting.  This one I did for myself but will enter it in an exhibition before I hang it in my living room.  If, by chance, I sell it I will paint another one for me. It is similar in style to the painting I won the honorable mention on at the Carnegie Center.  I call this style my "Fantasy Flower Collection".  I enjoy doing these designs.  There is something about the symmetry that is a challenge.

 The inspiration for this painting was a piece of fabric that I used to make a round cover for a lamp table that I have in between my two new living room chairs.  It is a paisley design.

  I did some internet research on the paisley pattern and found the symbol sprang up a milennia  ago. It has an interesting history and many meanings in different cultures.  American quilters gave it the nickname "Persian Pickles"  That is why my title for this painting is "Paisley aka Persian Pickles". Size is 20X18.
I am also including a few photos of my living room and dining room. Most of the furniture are things I had in my Tucson house but we did buy a new entertainment center and two new side chairs for the living room.  I finally decided on window treatments.  For the 20 years we lived in Tucson I kept it simple with vertical blinds and no curtains.  While I liked the look it just wasn't right for this Michigan house so I went with grommet curtains.  The first photo shows the table with the fabric cover that inspired this painting. I am also posting another of the living room and one of the dining room.

The first floor of the house is pretty much done except for the floors which we plan to do later this year.  We are thinking of hardwood for the living and dining rooms and ceramic tile for the kitchen. Roger is now working in the basement building a painting studio for me and a stained glass studio for himself.  In the mean time I am doing my painting on the dining room table.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Good News!

Yesterday was the opening reception for the Carnegie Center for the Arts 2016 Regional Juried Arts Exhibit. I am happy to tell you that one of the three paintings I had in the show won an Honorable Mention Award.  This is the first show that I took part in since I moved to MI.  I didn't realize what a big show this was when I entered.  There were over 100 artists and about 230 pieces of art shown.  There were 11 awards given.  I was honored to have gotten one of those awards.  I was surprised to  receive a check for $100 for the honorable mention award.  In Tucson honorable mention gave you a ribbon but no $.

 The name of this painting is "With a Moroccan Flair".  Sometimes I come up with a title for a painting and then do the painting to match that title.  In this case I did the painting and could not make up my mind on what to name it so took the easy way and named it after a painting I did in the past and sold.  Here is a photo of the painting.
 I also had some other good news yesterday.  I meet with the jury committee of the Three Rivers Artist Guild and was invited to join the guild.  Becoming a member of the guild and having 3 paintings accepted in a large show and winning an award are the beginning of me becoming a part of the west Michigan art community.  I miss all my Tucson artist friends but now feel I will make a new circle of friends in Michigan.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Carnegie Center for the Arts Exhibition

I'm happy to say I was notified that the three paintings I submitted to the Carnegie Center for the Arts juried compitition/exhibition were accepted.  This will be the first art show I will be doing in MI.  I hope it will be one of many.  Here are the three paintings that will be showing.

The opening reception is on January 24, 2016 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.  The awards presentation is at 3 p.m.  The exhibit closes February 20.  The location is 107 N. Main St.  Three Rivers, MI.

I am looking forward to attending the reception and meeting other artists from the area.

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Kitchen and Functional Items

I have been busy and haven't had time to post photos of my new kitchen.  I am finally making the time.  I am also going to post photos of some functional items that I painted a long time ago and will still be using in my new kitchen.
The first picture is what the kitchen looked when we bought the house.  Actually, it is one that was posted on Zillow by the previous owners.
This next picture shows what our remodel looks like.  We kept most of the cabinets.  We relocated the refrigerator and added the pantry and cabinet above the fridge.  We also had crown molding installed on all the cabinets.  The appliances are all new including an over the stove microwave.  We had the windows removed and a dish pantry put in their place with new smaller windows above.  We plan to do stained glass in those windows.  We also had a large island placed in the middle of the kitchen. All counter tops were changed to quartz.  That is the only thing I wished I would have done different.  Mainly it is the color that I am not happy with.  We chose what we wanted from a small 2" piece and the sample had a lot more brown and less white and grey in it, or so I thought. The finished counter looks grey with just a tiny bit of brown.  There is no going back on something that big  so I am stuck with it.  What I plan to do is when we install our ceramic tile floor (which will probably happen in the summer)  is go with a grey tile to tie it all together.  Roger changed all the light fixtures and installed the glass back splash.  He will build the stained glass windows and also install the floor tile.  It is great to have a handy husband!

Since this is an art blog I thought I better show some art work.  The next paintings are functional items that I painted years ago and have used in my Arizona and Ohio kitchens and will now use in my new Michigan kitchen.
This is a napkin holder that I really love and that has special meaning to me because my Dad built it.
Next is the apple on a stick that I always kept in my utensil container next to the stove.  It was also made by my Dad and I have had it longer than the napkin holder....I had it in my Ohio house so I'm guessing it is 35 years old.
This item is even older than the apple.  It is a ceramic fruit stack that I painted in 1974.  It also has special meaning.  My mother used to own a ceramic school and she poured this molded piece herself.  I cleaned it and painted it back in the day! This will be in my dining room.
Now that I think about it...my dad made this tray too.  It goes back maybe 13 years.  The next few items are things that I bought at yard sales and while they don't have special meaning to me they are things that I used a lot in our AZ years.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Painted Furniture

Today I am posting pictures of furniture I painted over 10 years ago for our office/den in Arizona.  I am using this same furniture here in Michigan but not in our office.  Since this is a two story house with a completely different layout I had to find places to use it in the downstairs area.  We have our office in the loft area upstairs and bought new furniture for it.  I have the game table in the living room, the small cabinet in the kitchen area and the chest in an open area by the garage door.  At first I had planned to repaint the flower designs in a different color but when we had the kitchen installed I realized how well the current colors match so I am leaving them as is.  Here are the photos.
This is the game table with the new swag light we made from two different light fixtures.  As you can notice, I don't have any window treatments yet.  I left up the mini blinds that came with the house but those will eventually be gone.  I am not sure which direction I want to go with the windows.
This is a closeup of the game table top.  Roger built this table.
This is the chest.  It is about 3' long by 17' high.  I got it at a yard sale for $10.  It was solid black before I refinished it.
I'm not sure where I got this small cabinet but it was probably another yard sale item or maybe I bought it at Target.  What I do remember is it was solid white before the refinish.  

In my last post I mentioned I would be painting a napkin holder.  So far I got it base coated but haven't painted a design on it because I can't decide what I want.  Too many decisions to make when re-decorationg a house.  Granted, a napkin holder is a small thing when I have to pick out hardwood for the floors and window treatments but it is still another decision to make.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A 30 year old painting and a preview of my new kitchen

My new kitchen is nearing completion. I hung some art and thought I would share what I chose with you.  One of the paintings is something I did at least 30 or more years ago.  It is a still life done in oils on a wood plaque.  I painted it before I switched to using acrylics.  The pattern is not an original drawing done by me but a pattern traced from a pattern book.  That was back in the days when I taught decorative painting classes and all my students used patterns from books.  It is so long ago that I don't remember which book it was from or who the artist/author was. If I remembered I would give her credit for the drawing.   I did my own take on the painting with my own color palette.  Here is a photo of the painting.
The other painting I hung is a cross painting I did a few years ago titled "Cross in Colors of the Southwest".  Here is a photo of it hanging in my new kitchen.  I am not ready to post photos of the whole kitchen because it is not finished yet.  The back splash still needs to be installed.  Once that is done I will share pictures with you.
It is hard to get a good photo without all the light reflections.  At some point in the future, after we get our new work shops built in the basement, Roger will make stained glass windows for the back door and the windows over the new cabinets.  I had the island and cabinets painted in a contrasting color to the other wood finished cabinets in the rest of the kitchen. The color is called "Winter Wheat".  We painted the wall you are seeing in a deep burgundy color to add some drama. It is the same color as the entry wall with the coat hangers from a few posts back.  The rest of the kitchen is painted in two shades of tan.  When the project is done I will post before and after photos.

I haven't painted in over a week because I have been busy with other things but today I don't have much to do so think I will change the color of a napkin holder that I used in Tucson to match my new kitchen color scheme.