Welcome to Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work

Welcome to  Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work
Surreal Saguaro

Whimsical Works of Art by Artist Pam Davidson AKA "The Dot Lady"

Whimsical Works of Art by  Artist Pam Davidson  AKA "The Dot Lady"
Welcome to my Home Studio

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017

To celebrate Easter I decided to post photos of some cross paintings that I have done over the years.  Here are just a few.

I haven't posted for a few weeks.  I have been working on various projects and, to tell the truth, taking some lazy time off.  As soon as I frame my last two paintings I will post photos of them.

April was one of my favorite months when I lived in Arizona.  The weather was usually beautiful being not too hot and not too cold. It is a different story here in Michigan. It can be cold and rainy one day and hot and steamy the next.  It can be dark and cloudy then bright and sunny.  Just when you think spring is here it will turn cold again.  I have been having mood swings that match the weather.  I feel lazy and lack ambition on the cloudy days and full of energy on the sunny days.  For some reason during one of the more depressing days I decide to do something to brighten up my personal look.  Here is what I did.
I got  blond highlights in my hair!  I have had various hair colors over the years but never blond.  They say blonds have more fun.  I'll let you know if that happens!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Yet another "Surreal Saguaro" painting and another home improvement project.

It has been over three weeks since my last post.  In that time I cleaned and organized my studio.  I then started work on three projects which means my studio is no longer neat and clean which is okay with me because the only way it stays clean is if I'm not working.

 I like keeping busy so was happy when I got a commission from a former client/friend from Arizona who wanted one of my "Surreal Saguaro" paintings.  This came about when she saw a photo of the very first one I had painted 7 years ago on Facebook.  It came up on "memories" and I shared the photo.  Since I did that first one I have lost count of how many I have done and sold.  It was probably my most popular Southwest themed paining.  Here is the photo of that first "Surreal Saguaro" painting which I used as my logo on my business cards up until I moved to Michigan.  You also see it at the beginning of this blog.

Here is my newest version which should arrive in Arizona in a few days.  As I mentioned, I have done many versions of this painting but no two are exactly the same.

Our latest home improvement project is the re-do of our first floor powder room.  I decided that since we had a pedestal sink, I need something for storage.  I have a small three drawer chest that I got at a yard sale many years ago and used in my shop.  It was pretty rough looking because of paint spatters that accumulated over the years.  It was just what I needed for the powder room.  I removed all the paint spatters and then painted it and got new knobs.  I thought it would be better to keep it simple.  Instead of making it too fancy I chose to paint a small wooden plate and set it on a decorative easel.  Since I have been on a calla lily kick lately I used the same pattern I did little while back but used colors that would match my powder room.  
This is the before photo and the next photo is what it looks like now and a close up of the plate.

The powder room was a plain-jane room with light beige walls, vinyl floor, simple light fixture and plate glass mirror.  Roger tiled the floor and wall.  We painted the walls and put up a new light fixture and mirror. I added a few decorator pieces and a painting I did years ago that I used in my master bath in Arizona.  We now have an attractive powder room for our guests.  The room is only 7' X 3' so it was hard to get good photos.

It is time to start work on a new painting and more home improvement projects!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Three commissioned jobs and one just for fun.

I got a commission from a customer at the Vicksburg Gallery who saw my "Fun Flowers" painting and wanted one like the original and a matching companion piece.  Since I didn't have an exact matching canvas, I had to start from scratch with two art board boxes which Roger made.  I painted the first as close to the painting she saw at the gallery as I could.  I then did the companion painting of the same pattern using the same color pallet but on different areas.  When I framed them I flipped the second painting in a different direction.  Here are photos of Fun Flowers 1 & 2.

My other commissioned job was from a woman from Mesa, AZ who had played dominos with some one who had one of my train stations.  She liked it so ordered one from me featuring a desert scene.  I used to paint many of them in AZ but this is the first desert scene I have painted since I moved to MI.

The other painting I did was inspired by the plate I painted with calla lilies in a vase.  I liked it so much that I decided to do a larger version on canvas.  I call this one "Calla Lilies in Chartreuse Vase".

Last weekend we took a short trip to Ohio to visit relatives.  While we were their I stocked up on paint at a local craft store.  Over the years I have done this on every trip we made to Ohio because they always seem to have a large selection of the brand and colors of paint that I prefer.  My next job is to clean my shop and restock my paint shelf.  This is not my favorite thing to do but once it is done I am happy because it is so much easier to work when things are organized although, it doesn't take me too long to have it a mess again!  Here are the two bags of paint that I bought. I'm guessing there are close to 50 bottles.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My "Artist's Block" is gone and Roger finished his latest stained glass window!

I'm happy to say ideas for paintings started to flow not long after I did my last blog post 10 days ago. While I was in my funk I started stripping paint off of one of the old chairs I bought at a yard sale last summer.  What a messy job!  After one day of working on it my brain started to spit out ideas for paintings.  I immediately stopped stripping and started painting.  (Hmm...I should clarify...I stopped stripping paint!)  Anyway, my husband finished the nasty job of getting the paint off of the chair while I worked on my paintings.

I completed two canvas paintings and three paintings on 10" wooden plates.  Here is what I got done in the past week.

The first is an abstract which I call "Swirl and Whirl". It is 15" square.  I did this one while I was waiting for the base coats to dry on the other canvas and the plates.  Abstracts are fun to do because they are quick and I never know what the finished product will look like.  I channel my inner Jackson Pollock.  You know...drip and splatter and swirl.  Here is what I came up with.

The other canvas painting is an 8X10 titled "Run Like the Wind".

Next I worked on some 10" wooden plates which I purchased at a resale shop last fall.  There were about a dozen of them and I put them aside and forgot about them.  I found them when I was cleaning my shop and decided I should start working on them.  The first one I did is one of my geometric designs on a black background.

I got my inspiration for the next two from posts I saw on Facebook.  Someone posted a video of the works of Diego Rivera who is one of my favorite artists.  It put me in the mood to paint calla lilies.  Here is what I came up with.

The day after I saw the video I saw a photo of a very colorful peacock.  I loved the color combination so did this painting using the same colors.
After going though a week without painting because I was in a dry spell I then produced 5 paintings last week.

For the past month Roger has been working on a large stained glass window for our living room.  There are two windows in the front of the room looking out onto out new porch and one window on the side of the room with a view of a vacant lot.  We have a game table sitting in front of that window.  Most of the time I kept the blind shut because we did not like the view and also because as cars pulled into our development they could see into the house.  We decided early on that we need to put stained glass in the window to block people from seeing in and to give a nice appearance to that side of the house.  We had other project to keep us busy our first year here so this window was on the bottom of the list of things to do.  It finally worked it's way to the top of the list.  Here it is.

I just remembered that today is Valentine's Day so Happy Valentine's Day wishes to all my readers.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Three new paintings done this week

I am finally feeling better after my bout with the flu.  I spent this week working on three paintings.  The first is based on a photo of some friend's new rescue kitten.  They found it in the motor of their car awhile back on a freezing cold day.  They planned to take it to the rescue center but on the trip there they fell in love with her and decided to give her a home themselves.  Her name is Mocha.  I saw this photo of her and decided to use it as inspiration for a new painting that I titled "Little Ball of Fur"

At the same time I was working on the kitty painting I decided to do an abstract painting so did the base coat on the canvas in beige and then sponged some brown on top of that.  I thought that after it dried I would add more to it but when I was done sponging on the brown I liked it just the way it was and declared it a finished abstract painting.  It took maybe a half hour of my time to do it.  I am going to keep it for myself because there is something in it's simplicity that I really like.  I think I will hang it next to my "Stormy Day" painting.  I call this one "Brown on Beige".  It is a large painting but shows up here as much smaller than the true size, also, I just noticed that I didn't sign it.  I'll have to do that and I think that once I hang it I'll take another photo which I will include in a future post so you can have a better perspective of the size.

The third painting I did this week is another version of "Phantom Herd". I painted variations of  this painting four times in the past and sold all of them.  Here is the newest one which is number five.
Here are photos of the other four paintings shown in the order in which they were painted.  The third one was commissioned  and the client wanted it facing the other direction.  The other three were sold in exhibitions.

Now that I am feeling better I am anxious to get to work on some new and original subject matter.  The problem is that I am going through an "artist block".  I can't decide  what I want to paint.  It was so easy to come up with ideas when I lived in the southwest.  Since I moved to Michigan my idea pool seems to have run dry.  I'm thinking of maybe doing a lighthouse painting.  Being close to the Great Lakes, there are lighthouses everywhere.  That is the only idea I have come up with.  I may hold off on doing a canvas painting and work on some old chairs that I got at a yard sale last summer. They both need stripped of the old paint. I'm suffering from a bad case of cabin fever and need something to keep me busy.  Stripping paint might just be what I need to fill my time while I wait for my creative side to kick in with some new ideas.

Friday, January 27, 2017

My first paintings done in 2017

It has been over three weeks since my last post.  I finished two paintings and a domino train station since then.  I also have been under the weather with the flu.  The paintings were done before I got sick but I decided to wait to do a post until after the opening reception at the Carnegie Center for the Arts Regional Show which was last Sunday.  On Monday I woke up with the flu and had no ambition to do anything except lay on the couch and watch Netflix.  It is now Friday and I am feeling much better so decided to do this post now.

I'll start with the paintings.  The first is one that I started last year then set aside to work on the Surreal Saguaro painting that I featured in the last post.  Here is what I had completed when I stopped working on it.

It sat for over a month before I finally got back to it.  Here is the finished painting which I titled "Butterfly Garden".
My next piece was a special order domino train station for someone who winters in FL and wanted one featuring flamingos.
I then decided to do another version of "Peek-a-boo Kitty" because I sold the first one the day after I painted it.  It was bought at the Three Rivers Artist Guild Holiday Show by a couple who said it reminded them of their kitty.  Since it was so cute I painted another one.

I did not win a award at the Carnegie Show this year but was honored that all three of my entries were accepted.  Here are photos of me with each of the paintings.
I also wanted to mention that my grand-daughter Samantha has a painting hanging in a show at the Open Door Gallery in Sturgis, MI.  Here is Sam and her tiger painting.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Step by Step procedure of "Surreal Saguaro" Painting

I took photos of each step of the painting process of my latest "Surreal Saguaro" painting.  The first thing I did was to paint the background solid black.  Then I drew the saguaro in chalk pencil and then divided it up into random sections.  Once that was done I started to fill each area with an undercoat
of white.

I then added color to each section.  I lost count of how many different colors I used.  Each color took two to three or more coats of paint.
When I had all the sections filled with color I floated a darker shade around the edges of each section.
That was the tedious part.  Now the fun begins.  I started to decorate each section.  The first thing I painted in was a Picasso like face.  After that I did the kitten and keyboard.  More ideas started to fill my mind.  I think the flamingo was next.  Then my grand-daughter saw the painting and suggested I put Waldo in it and my son saw it online and said it had to have Darth Vader.  We watched Christmas Story which influenced me to include the leg lamp.  The more I painted the more ideas I had.  I added dots and trim work as I went along.  Here are some close-ups of some of the things that I painted.

When I had all the sections decorated I outlined each section in black.

The last step is the scary part.  I always think maybe I shouldn't do it because as you can see the painting above looks pretty good.  The only problem is that it looks flat.  To give it a 3-D look I paint in the ribs with black then dry brush a white highlight in the center of each rib. I also add some dark shadows in black where needed.  It covers some of the detail work but gives the saguaro the dimension it needs.  Here is the finished painting.
I hope you enjoyed seeing each step I took to create this painting.  I worked on it for a couple of weeks and enjoyed the process.  I also enjoyed listening to three great audio books while I was painting.