Welcome to Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work

Welcome to  Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work
Surreal Saguaro

Whimsical Works of Art by Artist Pam Davidson AKA "The Dot Lady"

Whimsical Works of Art by  Artist Pam Davidson  AKA "The Dot Lady"
Welcome to my Home Studio

Monday, July 25, 2016

Paintings featuring a flower, abstract and quilt pattern.

I completed three new paintings since my last post.  The first was another in the "Study in Patchwork" series.  This one is #3.  I decided to do it to show at the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center.  I love the one I did for myself and have had lots of good comments from people who have visited my home.  Here is the latest version.  The size on this one is 27X27.
As I was working on the patchwork painting I had time to start another painting while I waited for the taped off sections to dry.  I had a beautiful gold and green frame that I had gotten on one of my yard sale shopping sprees.  I put a blank canvas in it and after staring at it for awhile I saw a flower emerge in my mind.  I sponged on a pastel base coat then did my drawing of a magnolia on paper and transferred it onto the canvas.  Once the patchwork painting was done I started work on painting the magnolia.  The size of this painting is 13X15.  I call it simply "Magnolia".
While I was working on the magnolia painting I suddenly had the urge to do an abstract piece so I stopped work on it and gave into my urge and did "Blue on Blue".  I can do an abstract in a short period or time.....just a few hours.  I did this one on a 20X20 canvas box which I base coated in various shades of blue and purple.  I had some bottles of texture paint that I have had for awhile but had never opened so now was the time to put them to use.  I drizzled them onto the base coat in a random pattern.  Next I used a toothbrush to splatter some mother of pearl paint over the whole thing and I finished it off with metallic blue circles which I applied with a round sponge.
The painting process of these three paintings overlapped each other.  I will be showing them all at the Vicksburg Gallery.

I am now working on a stool that I will use in my kitchen.  I have out of town company coming this weekend and hope to have it done before they arrive.  Look for a photo of it in an upcoming post.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A new painting, something new in my studio and being "flocked"

I have been unable to do any painting in my studio for over a week because it has been a construction zone but I did finish an 8X10 painting before the work began.

 Since I moved to MI everything that I had forgotten from my mid-west past has become new again to me.  The change of seasons is one of those things. We arrived her at the beginning of fall and got to see the leaves of the trees turn beautiful colors and then fall off.  Next came the winter and snow which we had not seen for 20 years.  Then came spring with lots of rain and things turning green again.  Now it is summer with beautiful flowers everywhere.  Since I love to paint flowers this has been an inspiration to me.  I noticed the tiger lilies blooming in my neighbor's yard and decided to do a painting featuring one large "Tiger Lily" which is what I titled this painting.
I have a confession to make about flowers and any plant in general.  While I love to paint flowers, in real life, I am a plant and flower killer.  This is not by choice.  For some reason I have a Black Thumb when it comes to plants of any kind.   My mother had a Green Thumb and could grow anything, I am sad to say she did not pass this talent on to me.  If anyone gives me a plant as a gift it will be dead in a short time.  Too much water, too little water....I never know what the problem is.  I can paint them but I can't grow them.  At least in AZ the cacti in our yard flourished because the more you ignored them the better they grew.  I am good an ignoring.

Now for the new studio improvement project.  Our son Brian and his wife Sarah came for a visit and they decided I needed a ceiling in my shop.  Roger had planned on installing new lighting for me so this was the perfect time to do both projects.  Here is the before photo.
And....Here is the after photo.
All I can say is that it is light and bright thanks to Brian, Sarah and Roger.  Time to get back to painting.

Now to tell you about our being flocked.  "Flocked?" you ask.  "What is that?"  Here is a photo of our flocked yard.
We woke up to this yesterday morning.  Flocking yards is a fund raising project for the Three Rivers High School band.  Here is the way it works.  Someone will give a donation to the band and give them an address of someone they want flocked.  In the middle of the night these flamingos will be placed in the front yard of that house.  In turn, we will give a donation for them to be removed and placed in someone else's yard.  When flamingos first started to appear in yards around town we had no idea of what was going on until our grand-daughter, who is a member of the band, explained it to us.  What a fun idea to raise funds for the band!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Study in Patchwork #1 and #2

I just finished a painting that I did for myself.  It is a larger version of one I did many years ago and had hanging in my Tucson house.  I did not give it a title at the time I painted it but, since I just did another one, I decided to call them "Study in Patchwork #1" and "Study in Patchwork #2".
 Here is #1 which is a 16X20 stretched canvas.
Number #2 is a 30X38 stretched canvas.
What is strange is that when photographed and cropped they appear to be the same size while in reality the bottom one is much larger.  Because of this I decide to take photos of them on display in my home so you can get some perspective of what they really look like.

Here is #2 hanging on the wall in the hall at the entrance of the stairway.
 I have #1 in my dining room on an easel,   Since these paintings are multi-directional I have it displayed vertically.
Seeing these two photos gives you a better idea of the real size.

I may decide to enter #2 in an exhibit in the future but for now it will be hanging in my hall.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 Vicksburg Arts and Craft Show

Here is my report on the June 11 craft show that was part of the Car Show in Vicksburg, MI.
This was the first arts and craft show that I took part in since my move to Michigan.  I only did one of these kind of shows a year in Arizona.  My price range was from $15 to $150 and I always sold at least 50 items at that show.  The sales were usually half paintings and half craft items. Sorry to say, I found out that people in Michigan do not buy art at these kind of shows.  In fact I was the only person who showed art.  I sold only one bowl which was enough to make back my booth fee. I was going to post a photo of the bowl that I sold but I could not find one in my files.  It is ironic that the bowl had a cactus flower pattern.  The gal who bought it loved all things southwest.  I also, found out that not many people here play Mexican Train Dominos.  I sold hundreds of domino train stations in AZ but not a one here so far.  Here is a photo of four that I painted for this show.

 That being said, I still feel the time and effort I put into doing this show was a success because of the contact and interaction I had with the people I talked to.   I found out that people are starting to recognize my work.  I had comments that they had seen my paintings at the Carnegie center for the Arts and also the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center.  I won't say that I will not do anymore of these kind of shows but I will pick and choose which I will do.  For the time being I will stick to showing my work in galleries and also in LA's Cafe.

Now for the good news.
This is my daughter Kim's booth.  She makes goats milk soap and and lotions and various body products.  Her price range is from $1 to $5.  I'm happy to say she sold like crazy.  People loved everything she makes and were buying.  To see her products go to this link. http://www.triplecreeksoaps.com/index.htm  She sells online as well as in farmer's markets and craft shows.

Here is a photo of just one of her soaps.  She makes close to 100 different kinds of soap.
The last thing I want to mention is that the weather has been hot and humid her in Michigan.   I was used to hot in Arizona but not the humidity.  My hair became hard to manage.  For that reason I decided to cut it short.  Here is a photo of the new me.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Everything is coming up Roses

I finished three items featuring roses.  The first is an 8X10 painting of my Endless Rose.
The next item is a yellow rose painted on a bowl.
The third item is a small trinket box that had a rose carving which I painted.
I will be showing all of these items at an Arts and Craft fair in Vicksburg, MI on June 11.

Time is running out for me on getting paintings done for this show.  I have a couple more 8X10's that I have to finish and if I have time I may paint a few Mexican domino train stations.  I decide to show mostly smaller items at this show.  It will be my first Arts and Craft show in MI.

I also wanted to mention that I sold two more paintings at LA's Cafe.  Which means I have to start work on some larger paintings to show there.  My inventory of paintings has dwindled and I must get busy doing more larger paintings for up coming shows.

Here are the paintings that sold. The first is "Rainbow Ruffles" and the second is "Dragonfly Magic".

Monday, May 23, 2016

Rooster Reveille

My life seems to get busier as each week comes.  I know I was busy in Tucson but we had a weekly schedule and pretty much stuck to it.  We bowled a couple of times a week and I worked the gallery three times a month and we made time to go out to lunch with friends and go to gallery receptions. This still allowed us time to work on our art projects. We have a schedule here with once a week bowling and me having to work the Vicksburg gallery three times a month but so much other stuff seems to fill our time.  With home remodel projects and family functions we don't seem to have as much time for our art.  I'm not complaining because we moved here to be closer to family and we are enjoying every minute we spend with them.  This week I went to the zoo with my grand-daughter and her three little kids and spent a day working a farmers market with my daughter.  The previous week Roger put together a greenhouse for our daughter. This is a precious time for us because it is the first time since our kids left home that we have family living close by. We are seeing that our priorities have shifted with family coming first,  I might not be creating as much art as in the past but I still have some time to paint.  Here is the painting that I completed this week.
I call it "Rooster Reveille".  I have to tell you I had lots of fun painting this guy.  It is a new pattern that I have never done before.  So much of what I paint is a new version of a pattern that has sold in the past so when I come up with a new idea I enjoy the creative process.

I have started working on a bowl that I will be taking to the June Arts and Craft show.  I have a number of craft items I would like to get done for that show.  I'll post photos when I get them done.

The weather here has finally warmed up and the garage sales have started.  I was able to stock up on frames and got a number of interesting items that I will be painting.  Here is a photo of some of the bigger projects.
I will do the chairs as a matching set.  I will paint the seats with different patterns but something that will compliment each other.  I will probably save the chairs and do them later this year when winter sets in.  I hope to do the stool for the June arts and craft show.

Well....enough time on the computer.  I don't have any thing on the schedule for today except for painting so I better get to my shop and get some work done.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Butterflies and Quilt Pattern

I have been busier than ever.  It has been hard to fine the time I would like to have to paint.  I am going to have to start getting up at 5 AM and paint for a couple of hours before breakfast like I did in Tucson.....or maybe not. It got light at 5 there so I felt like getting up early.  Here I would rather stay in bed.  On the other hand, it is still light at 9 at night while it got dark at 7 PM in AZ.   Guess I am going to have to do more painting in the evening.  Anyway, I did finish two paintings last week.  Here they are.
This one is another version of "Flight of Fancy.  Size is 9X20.
I call this one "Compass Point Quilt Inspired"  I based it on the Compass Point quilt pattern.  Size is 18" square

This past Saturday evening was the Three Rivers Artist Guild "Big Little Art Show"  It was a fund raiser for the guild done by silent auction.  I had four pieces in the show and all four sold.  I posted photos of my pieces in a previous post.  There was a nice turnout, a great band and good food.  Here is a composite photo of the event.
I have started work on a new painting which is of a rooster.crowing.  I am going to call it "Rooster Reveille"  After I finish it I will start working on some craft items.  I have signed up for an Art and Craft show on June 11 which means I have only a few weeks to get items painted.