Welcome to Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work

Welcome to  Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work
Surreal Saguaro

Whimsical Works of Art by Artist Pam Davidson AKA "The Dot Lady"

Whimsical Works of Art by  Artist Pam Davidson  AKA "The Dot Lady"
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Thursday, April 17, 2014


I mentioned in my last post that I had a couple of commissioned jobs.  This is one of them.  The customer supplied the 6" letters and color samples. They will hang in the nursery of her expected grand-daughter. This is a first for me.  I have never decorated letters before.  It was a quick easy project.

I will start my next project later today.  It is a bowling pin with a design on the front and back.  Before I allow myself painting time I have decided I MUST organize my closet.  Temps are starting to hit the 90's so the turtlenecks need to go into storage and hot weather clothes must come out.  No painting until I do this job!  Painting will be my reward.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Rock On" and more Mexican Domino Train Stations

Even though I had two weeks of company I was able to start a number of projects.  I spent the whole day Sunday finishing them.  Here is what I did.
Yes, this is a rock.  My daughter asked me to bring her some of our smooth river rocks that we have in our yard when we traveled to her house in NM.  She paints them and sells them at the Farmers Market.  I had painted and sold some in the past so decided to do one myself and put it in the SAAG Gallery.  This one is about 5" X 4".  It will make a nice paper weight.

Since I sold all but one of my Mexican Domino Train Stations that I showed at the SAAG Gallery I decided I better do some more.  I did 7 of them but sold two at home before I even had a chance to take them to the gallery.  The first two are the ones that sold and the next 5 are the ones I took to the gallery.

I was hoping to start a new canvas painting as my next project but got two commissions this week so will have to complete those before I do the canvas painting.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Zentangle Doodles....Again

It has been over a week since I last did a blog post.  I have had two weeks of company and two short overnight trips to NM.  I did get some painting done in that time and finished a number of projects yesterday. I'll post photos of those tomorrow but this evening I am posting photos of the doodles I did while in the car going back and forth to NM.  It is a way to pass the time in the car.  I still haven't decided what to do with the doodles except to post them here.  I keep thinking about using them for cards but still haven't done that yet.  The collection keeps growing.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.
I find it is easier to post my designs by making a composite of them on the computer.  These are just random squiggles that I kept adding to as I went along.  I didn't have any ideas in mind as I worked on them.  There was a little more thought process in the ones posted below.  I had an idea in mind when I started and let that idea flow as I created them.  I added the border on the computer.
As you will notice the a few of these do not look like the black and white that is the original drawing.  For some reason my scanner show them as more sepia colored.  I did not take the time to color adjust.

Friday, April 4, 2014

April Meet the Artists Reception at the SAAG Gallery

Here is the flyer for the SAAG Gallery Meet the Artists Reception and Anniversary Party.  All the information is on the flyer.  Click on it to enlarge.  Hope to see you there on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Critter Collage 2

My last commissioned painting was picked up yesterday.  It is a smaller version of "Critter Collage".  The size is 16X20.  The customer furnished the frame.  Here is a photo of the painting.
I did this one slightly different than the first larger version of the painting.  In this one I eliminated the scorpion and tarantula and replaced them with a jackrabbit.  I also changed the direction of the horse and added some baby quails.  I used the same color pallet but changed up color placement.  Below is a photo of the larger 28X22 version.  You can see they are the same but different in their own unique way.  
I found one other difference in the two paintings when I was searching my computer files for this one.  It is titled "Colorful Critter Collage".  I had forgotten that so the new one has the title of "Critter Collage".

I am all caught up with my commissioned work so am taking a short painting break and enjoying my company.  I did have a little time yesterday to put in some shop time while my husband and Kara went to the pool.  Sorry but 80 is just too cold for me to go swimming.  It has to be over 100 before I will go into the water.  I opted to stay home and work in the shop.  I prepped some domino train stations and a box.  Now if I get some free time I have something ready to paint.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014 SAAG Gallery Display

My new display is up at the SAAG Gallery.  I have a different space this time.  We change our location every couple of months and display new art to keep the gallery fresh looking.  I have always had a bay in the past but this time I was given a straight wall which allowed me to add another display shelf.  I am showing all new art which includes my butterfly series and some of my traditional southwest themed paintings.  I also have a new collection of greeting cards.  Please stop by the gallery to see the fine work of all the SAAG member artists.  The" meet the artist" reception will be on Sunday, April 2 from 2 to 5.  The gallery is located in the Casas Adobe Plaza on Oracle.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A week's worth of work

This past week was pretty hectic for me.  I was working on a self imposed deadline.  Today was the day I wanted to have everything completed.  Yeah!!  I did it.  So here is what is going on.  This afternoon I have to be at the SAAG Gallery to take down my previous display and help check in all new artists and make sure they have filled out their inventory sheets correct.  We go straight to the airport from the gallery to pick up a grand-daughter from MI who will spend the week with us.  She will overlap another grand-daughter and her friend who is from NM.  On Friday we drive to NM to pick them up and visit with my daughter and family.  Next Sunday the MI visitor flies home and the following week end we take the NM visitors back home.  If you are following this.....it means two weeks of company and two trips to NM.  We have been looking forward to having these visitors and I wanted to be free to enjoy their stay.  That is why I wanted to make sure I was caught up on all my work before they came.  Here is what I did in the past week to make that happen.  I finished a large commissioned painting, painted 5 Mexican domino train stations (one of which was commissioned), and completed another painting I wanted for the new SAAG session.  Along with that I had to design my new layout for the gallery and make all the price tags and labels for what I will be showing and fill out the new inventory sheets and pack everything up for hanging on Monday afternoon.  It is all done and ready with an hour to spare.  Here are photos of the art I did this week minus the large commissioned painting.  I don't want to post that photo until after the customer picks it up.
This is a new version of "Desert Dwellers" size 14X11.  It is one of my more popular paintings.  I have sold every one I have painted so it was time for a new one.

I have not shown any train stations at the gallery in the past so decided to make a sign showing how they are used and also letting the customer know they can be hung on the wall when not in use.  Below are photos of the others that painted for the show.

This blue one is sold already so will not be at the gallery.  
Once the large commissioned painting is picked up I will post a photo.