Welcome to Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work

Welcome to  Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work
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Whimsical Works of Art by Artist Pam Davidson AKA "The Dot Lady"

Whimsical Works of Art by  Artist Pam Davidson  AKA "The Dot Lady"
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Profiles in Red"

A month or so ago I did a square painting based on a zentangle type drawing I had done in the past.  It is now showing at Accounting Allies.  This type of painting is something different than what I usually do.  At the opening reception I had many people who are familiar with my work tell me how surprised they were with this painting as they  had never seen me do something like this before.  Most of my work is very "folk artsy".

 I recently got a call to artists for an exhibition that is featuring people and places.  I decided to try another version of this type of painting to fit the people category.  I haven't submitted my entry yet but will do so soon along with two other paintings that fit the places category.

Here is the painting. I titled "Profiles in Red" it is 16X16 and is in a gold frame.  I decided to do this version in a colorful palette.  The faces are easier to pick out than in the original version which is done in more subdued colors.
Here is a photo of the first one I did that is titled "Masquerade"  It is 24X24 and is on an art board with 2" sides. As you can see the faces are not so obvious.  You must study it for awhile before you see them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Rose Trio"

I did this painting for my son Brian and his wife Sarah.  They recently moved to Falls Church, VA.  They decided on apartment living instead of buying a house.  They will probably be there three years before another transfer.  Their apartment has an electrical panel in the den/guestroom.  They asked me to do a painting  in a size that will cover the panel.  They wanted a chocolate brown background with creamy colored roses. This is what I came up with.  It is painted on a 20X24 art panel.
I did another large painting for them in the past that also was on an art panel.  I don't remember the exact size but know it was taller and narrower than the one above.  They still have it and are using it in their music room in the new apartment.  It is titled "Calla Lilies in black Vase".
My next project are two Mexican Domino Train  Stations with hummingbirds that go to friends in SC.  Then I have to get busy working towards the Sun City Art festival which is at the end of October.  Too much work and not enough time!  Not complaining though because I enjoy painting and am happy that people buy what I paint.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Psychedelic Desert"

I finished this 16X20 painting yesterday.  When I do a desert scene in an 8X10 or smaller size they are all titled "Classic Desert Scene".  When I do one in a larger size I give them each a different title.  I've used so many names like "Desert Oasis",  "Golden Desert", Desert Beauty, "Desert in Bloom".....you get the idea.  I've lost track of how many of these I have done and the titles I have used.  I'm always trying to think of a new name for a desert scene.  I came up with the "Psychedelic Desert" title after attending our local playhouse on Sunday where they did a tribute to the 1960's.  Everyone was in 60's attire and the set was straight out of the old "Laugh In" TV show.  Lots of bright psychedelic prints and colors.  When I finished this painting I had a "flashback" to all those bright and brilliant colors....thus "Psychedelic Desert".

 My next painting I am doing at the request of my son and his wife.  They were recently transferred to the DC area and have moved into an apartment.  Their den/spare room has an electrical panel on the wall that they want to cover with one of my paintings.  My husband is in the garage building an art box in the size needed while I am writing this and it should be done by the time I finish this post.  I will start work on it as soon as he has it ready.  As always, I'll post a photo when it is completed.

Monday, August 18, 2014

"Images of Steam Pump Ranch"

Steam Pump Ranch in Oro Valley was established in 1874 as a way station for the southern Arizona cattle industry.  Today the remains of the ranch are mostly intact and have become a historical site.  Many activities take place on the grounds of the ranch including a farmer's market on Saturday morning.  Recently we went to the farmer's market and while there I walked around the property and took some photos.  I decided I wanted to do a Steam Pump Ranch painting.  There were so many interesting things that I could paint. I had a hard time choosing what I would do when I had the idea to do a 4 in 1 painting.  I picked four of my favorite images and put them into this painting.

I chose to do it in an 11X14 size because I had this old beat up rustic frame that I thought would be perfect for the theme of the painting.  It reminded me of some of the weather worn out buildings of the ranch.  Here are the photos I took that gave me inspiration for the painting.
Because the images that I painted were so small I cropped in and simplified the back grounds.  I also put my own twist on the painting with my choice of colors which I think make the painting "POP".  I had fun doing this one.  My next project is a classic desert scene in a 16X20 size.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Pretty & Prickly" in bold colors

I have always loved the color combination of purple, chartreuse and red.  The reason I favor this color palette comes from my past.  In 1950 when I was a young girl, my artistic mother acquired a very old house.  It was definitely a fixxer-upper.  She converted it  into apartments as an income property.  We lived in the upstairs apartment.  She was way ahead of her time with her design plan.  It was an open concept with a dropped living room with a step up to the dining room which flowed into the kitchen.  There was a curved booth at the end of the eat in kitchen.  An open stairway led to the attic which was my play room.  Two bedrooms were off of the dining area.  My room shared a curved wall with the living room.  We had vertical blinds on all the windows.  (Remember this was 1950 when all blinds were horizontal)  If you took a time machine back and stepped out into that 1950 apartment you would think you were still in the present day.  That place would fit into any HGTV remodel show that is on the air now.  It was beautiful and here is the point of all of this....the colors she used were purple, chartreuse and red.  The color combination was bold but tastefully executed.  I lived in this apartment for 4 years but it left a lifelong influence on me and a knowledge of how innovated my mother was.  It also influenced my mother's life because it led to her converting other houses into apartments and getting interior decorating jobs.

This was a long round about way of introducing my latest painting which is a new version of "Pretty and Prickly.  I had that color palette stuck in my mind so I took artistic license and did the cactus red and flowers chartreuse on a purple background.  Size is 11X14.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Large tray and another "Desert Dwellers"

  I didn't have much time for painting this week because I was busy with other things which got in the way of shop time but I did find time to complete two projects.  One is a large 16X22 inch tray with a southwest still life.

 The other project is a "Desert Dwellers" painting.  I had a long narrow frame (20X8) which was perfect for this painting.  I've lost count of how many versions I have done of this painting which features colorful creepy crawly critters.  There must be lots of people out there that like these guys because I have sold every painting of them that I have done.  Here is the latest one.
  I will search my files and see if I can find some of the other versions of this painting that have sold.  I'll post them below.
In a quick search I found 6 canvas paintings and a tray in various computer folders.  I think I will have to take the time to make a new folder just for all my critter paintings.  If you study each painting you can see the subject matter is similar yet they are all different.  I never get bored painting these guys.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Paintings at Sound Point Audiology

I have been showing paintings at Sound Point Audiology for over a year.  I have sold a number of them.  Every few months I change them out.  I did that last week.  Below are photos of the paintings that were hanging including one that I sold.
"Blue Bottle and Prickly Pears"

"Southwest Still Life"

"Images of Arizona"

"Queen of the Night"
This one sold a few months ago
"Pretty & Prickly"
I sold this one last week after the take down.

Here are the paintings that I am now showing at Sound Point Audiology.
"Crested Saguaro"

"Equine Mystic"

"Quail in the Garden"
"Fanciful Feathers"