Welcome to Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work

Welcome to  Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work
Surreal Saguaro

Whimsical Works of Art by Artist Pam Davidson AKA "The Dot Lady"

Whimsical Works of Art by  Artist Pam Davidson  AKA "The Dot Lady"
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sun City Art Festival Set follow up

I'm happy to say the Sun City Art Festival was a big success.  I did slightly better than last year.  As always, I couldn't have done it without my husband Roger's help.  He loads the car and carries everything in and sets up the grids and tables and helps me with hanging the paintings and putting out the craft items.  During the show he is my cashier freeing me to talk with customers.  Here is a photo showing part of my display.  I had more grids that did not fit in the picture.
The Oro Valley Voice did a cover story on the festival which helped bring people to the show.  I was one of six artists featured.  Here is the cover of the paper.
I am still unpacking boxes and have to clean my shop then do 4 commissions that I got at the show. I also have to get ready for the SAAG Holidazzle Show which starts in 3 weeks.  I have a smaller space there so what I didn't sell yesterday will go to that show.  I now have time to relax and work on some new ideas for paintings.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

8 new paintings for Sun City Art Festival

I had a marathon painting session over the last couple of days.  I think I broke a record in the number of painting I got done in a 48 hour period.  These are the last of the canvas paintings that will be shown in the Sun City Art Festival on this coming Saturday from 9 to 4. The size range of these paintings go from a couple of 5X7's to a couple of 11X14's and the rest are in between those sizes.  I concentrated on cacti paintings and a few critter paintings.  Here they are.

Monday, October 20, 2014

More Craft Items

I completed the last of the craft items that I will be showing at the Sun City Art Festival this coming Saturday, October 25 from 9 to 4.
This is a nice size pedestal dish painted with a desert scene.
Here is a small bench that is 14X7X8 inches high.  Subject is "South West Still Life"
This "Day of the Dead" skull and stand were a special order item and is already sold.
I did a number of Sunflower designs.  Here is a tray and a bowl.
I painted a large red rose on this interesting square bowl.
Last are these four small bowls painted with a quail, gecko, sunflower and white rose.

I now feel I have a good selection of craft type items for the show and will spend another couple of days working on a few canvas paintings.  I am not sure what subjects I will do or how many I can get done in the time I have left. I'll post photos of the paintings as soon as they are completed.. I think I will also print off a number of greeting cards.

 It won't be long until the show and I am looking forward to seeing people I have not seen since the last art festival and making new art friends.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lots of Crafty Items

I did the polycrylic coats on all of the craft type items that I mentioned in yesterday's post.  Some of these things are very unusual.  The first is this antique wooden pot that I found at a garage sale this past Saturday.  I couldn't wait to paint it.  I never saw anything like it before.  It had some carvings on it that I incorporated into the design.  Here it is.
Next is a leaf shaped dish that has four dividers.  It took me awhile to decide what subject matter would fit the style of the dish and I finally came up with the idea of a quail family in a garden. I had bought this dish earlier in the year.
On Saturday I found the perfect companion piece.  In the photo it looks larger than the one above but in real life it is much smaller.  I can sell these as a set or as individual pieces.
Another thing I bought on Saturday is this large bowl with intricate carvings on the outside of the bowl.  I left the wood the natural color and painted a flowering cactus on the inside.Here are two photos showing both the inside and outside of the bowl.
 I have this from Saturday's sales which is a box that contained a set of double 6 dominos.  I will sell it with the dominos and show it next to my domino train stations.

The next two items I had bought at yard sales in the spring.  The first is a bowl that I is painted with a desert scene and the other is a long dish that was perfect for chili peppers.
The final item is a chili pepper board that was cut by my son Mark.  He cut me a number of them last year and this was the only one that I hadn't painted and sold.
All of these things will be for sale at the Sun City Art Festival on October 25.  I will continue to paint for a few more days so look for another blog post next week showing what I have painted.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

8 New Classic Desert Scenes

I have been busy preparing for the Sun City Art Festival.  I completed 8 new 8X10 Desert Scenes.  I always paint them in pairs but will sell them separately.  These paintings are a big seller so I always have to paint more of them for each show.  Here are the newest ones.
I finished these paintings a week ago but didn't get the framing done until yesterday.  In the past week I have been working on functional items.  I have quite a few done but they are waiting for the coat of polycrylic.  I'll post photos when that is done.  The show is 10 days from today and I hope to get many more pieces done in the next week and leave myself a few days for pricing and packing.  Lots to do in a short time but I work great under pressure.!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Award Winning Paintings!

I was honored to win not one but two ribbons in the Art in Oro Valley Exhibition at the opening reception last night at Ventana Medical Systems.  The first was a special award given by the
 Oro Valley Historical Society for my painting titled "Images of Steam Pump Ranch"
The other was an Honorable Mention for Desert Oasis
Congratulations also to other SAAG members Marcia Broderick who took first place and Jay Mayer who was the second place winner.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Oro Valley Town Hall and other shows

I am currently showing my art in 4 exhibitions.  I have my own show at the Oro Valley Town Hall.  Here are photos of the paintings I have hanging there.
I have three paintings in the Art in Oro Valley People and Places Exhibition at Ventana Medical Systems.  The opening reception is on Thursday Sept. 9 at 5.  They will be announcing the winners of this show at 6.  Here are photos of my paintings that are in this show.
"Images of Steam Pump Ranch"
"Profiles in Red"
"Desert Oasis"
I am showing two paintings at the show at Allied Accounting and five at Soundpoint Audiology.
I recently sold Fanciful Feathers at Soundpoint.
I am busy working on art for the Sun City Art Festival which will be on Saturday, October 25 from 9 to 4.  I'll post more information on the festival closer to the time.