Tuesday, May 15, 2018

One New Project

I have been pretty busy since my last post and have not had much time to paint.  I did complete one project which is a large tray.  The design is a still life.  It is a combination of a few other still life paintings I did in the past.  It shows a pitcher of roses some books and a candle stick and two pears.  Here it is:

I'll be going on a trip soon so will not be painting for awhile.  I'll take a sketch book with me and will do some doodles in my spare time.  I'll feature photos of them in my next post. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Three 6X6 paintings

I have not left the house this week because I have a bug of some kind.  I thought at first I was coming down with cold.  I started taking zinc as the first symptoms started on Saturday evening.  I had a tickle in my throat and some coughing.  After 5 days, nothing has changed.  I never did get a runny nose and I haven't had a fever,  I have a bit of a cough and a raspy voice.  I start out the mornings feeling pretty good but as the day goes on I run out of energy. I think the zinc has helped to keep it from getting worse.

 We have had great weather so I can sit on the porch or take a short walk and being in the sun makes me feel better.  It is raining this morning but hopefully we will get some sun later today and I will get over this "thing" soon.

I have been spending some time each morning working on small paintings.  I completed three of them. The size of each is 6X6.  Here is what I accomplished.

They are titled:  "Hummingbird",  "Endless Rose", and "Grandpa's Truck".  The first two are patterns that I have done many times before and the truck painting is something new.  Here are close-ups.

I refinished a tray yesterday.  That will be my next project.  I'm not sure what my subject will be.  I will also be working on 3 more small paintings.  I'll feature them all in my next blog post. 

I mentioned the nice weather we have had this week.  After what seemed an endless winter and no spring, we seemed to jump right into summer.  The bulbs we planted in the fall finally bloomed a few days ago. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tray and 3 small paintings

I continue to work on my small painting collection.  I have added three more to the series. 

Here are close-ups of the three 6X6 paintings.  They are "Bluebird", "Cardinal" and "Mare & Foal"

I also finished one more project which is a tray. I did it in mono chromatic colors. 

The weather here has been lousy.   It is mid April and winter seems to go on and on.  We had a taste of spring last week when the temps were near 70 and we were able to take a walk a few days in a row but then on Friday the cold came back and will continue on for the rest of the week.  UGH.  I sure wish I was back in AZ right now.  The cold outside means I will stay inside and paint.

I bought a dozen more small canvases to paint.   I haven't done a large painting for awhile.  I like working on the small stuff for now. I usually work on three at a time. Here are the ideas I came up with for the next three.  I have a new pattern that is an old truck.  Another is my "Endless Rose" painting that I have sold many times in the past.  I've enjoyed painting birds in this series so the third canvas will be a humming bird. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Small Painting Series Continues

I completed three 5X7 paintings to add to my small painting collection.  These are all new designs.  So much of what I do is new versions of paintings that I have done in the past.  Because they are popular designs that have sold I will paint them many times but I realize I must come up with new ideas so I am not doing the same things over and over again. It would be easy if I sold prints of my work but I have never done that so each painting I do is an original hand painted piece.  Here are my latest creations.

I call this one "Bird and Blossoms"  My inspiration came from a greeting card I received from a friend.

This is "Fall on the Farm".  I used to do paintings featuring barns when I lived in OH.  Since we are surrounded with farms here in MI I thought a barn might be good subject matter.

I enjoy painting sunflowers so did this one called "Sunflowers & Berries"

I have three 6X6 sized canvas prepped with the base coat.  I haven't decided what subjects I will paint on them.  I also have a small tray ready for me to come up with an idea for it also.  I usually just stare at the canvas for awhile till I visualize something that I think will look good.  I'll post photos once the paintings are done. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Blast from the Past. Desert Scenes done in our Arizona years.

We had a great time visiting our friend in Florida.  We had one 80 degree day but most days were low 70's.  We came back to 40 something temps here in MI.  It was nice to get an early taste of what spring will be like in a month or so.  Here is a photo of Roger & me at a restaurant on the beach and no, that is not the beach behind us just a mural painted on the wall.

Now that we are back, I plan to get back to work on doing small canvases for my small paintings series.  Since it will be awhile until I have new paintings to post I thought it would be nice to reminisce with desert scene paintings that I did while I lived in Tucson.  As I went through my files to pick out a number to show you it brought back good memories of my Tucson art days.  I painted many desert scenes....too many to keep track of.   All of these paintings sold and I remember who bought some of them or where I showed them.  There are also some that I have no idea where they sold or who bought them.  You will see that these paintings are all similar and different at the same time.  This is just a fraction of my desert scene collection.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.

"Amber Glow"
"Colors of the Desert"

"Desert Beauty"

"Desert Gold"

"Fruit of the Saguaro"

"Pink Paradise"
"San Xavier Mission"

"Red Mountains"

"Yellow Poppy Paradise"

"Psychedelic Desert"
This was the last desert scene painting that I sold in Tucson.  I was working my last shift in the SAAG Gallery before I moved.  A young couple came in and admired the painting and decided to buy it.  When they found out I was leaving AZ they were happy to have made the decision to have a piece of my work.

"Desert Oasis"
I entered this painting in a exhibit put on by SAACA shortly before I moved.  I won third place but did not sell the painting so it came to MI with me.  I decided to show it at LA's cafe here in Three Rivers.  thought no one in MI would want a desert scene painting but I was wrong.  I sold it here!

"Images of Steam Pump Ranch"
This last painting is a one I did for the same exhibition I mentioned above.  There was a  special category for paintings done of Steam Pump Ranch that has historical significant in Oro Valley, AZ.   I couldn't make a decision on what area of the ranch to paint so I did this composite painting of the images that I though represented the ranch.  This painting took the award for this category. I donated the painting to the Historical Society to hang at the ranch.    It was nice to win two ribbons in my last competition  in AZ.

Friday, March 9, 2018

New Paintings both large and small

I have not produced a lot of art since the first of the year mainly because we were busy remodeling our master and guest bathrooms. What I have done are a couple of commissions and one large painting  for my new display at the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center.  Other than that I have been working on tiny paintings. 

Here is the large painting which I titled "Calla Lily Trio".  The size is 22X22.

 Here is my VACA display.  I featured calla lily paintings along with craft items and my fun flowers chair and painting.

Since most of what I sold at the holiday show were smaller items I decide to do a "tiny art" series.  Here are the three newest additions.  These are size 6X6 on canvas. I sell them with the easels.

I am still curious as to why a 22X22 painting appears as the same size as a 6X6 painting  when posted here.  Oh, well that is just the way it is. 

This is the first year since we moved from AZ to MI that we have had a really bad winter.  We had lots of snowfalls and the snow just piled up.  When it finally melted we had floods in town.  Lately we have had some 50 degree days followed by 30 degree days.  This week has been on the cold side.  Prior to this year the weather has not bothered us and we did not miss AZ but this year we said "what were we thinking?'  Don't get me wrong, we love our life here but the winter was not fun.  On, the other hand, I remember those 110 degree and higher days in AZ and those were not fun either.  That was when we would travel to get away from the hot temps.  So, now we plan to take a trip to visit a friend in FL for a week to get away from the cold for a short time.  Hopefully spring will be here when we get back.

I recently bought 6 more tiny canvas which I will paint when we get back from our trip.  So far I have done patterns that I have done in larger versions that I know will sell.  I may get creative and try out some new ideas for this series. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

"My Personal Taste in Art" chapter 3 The Kitchen

I didn't think I had much art in my kitchen but I was wrong.  When you live with things on an everyday basis I guess you get so used to them that you loose site of what you have.  I have both functional items and decorative items in my kitchen.  Like I mentioned in my last post, most of these things have special meaning and memories of people I love. 

I'll start the tour with the area between the living room and the kitchen.  This is where the door to the garage, the entrance to the downstairs art studio, and the staircase going to the second level of the house are located.

The first thing I want to mention is that the walls are not yellow like they appear in this photo.  They are a shade of beige.  Some of the walls are a dark beige and some a lighter shade.  This is a little cabinet that I bought at Target in Tucson and painted as a companion piece to a couple of other items that I had in my office in AZ.  You saw the game table in my living room post.  The large pot was given to me by my mother.  She went to Ohio State University when she was over 60 years old for a BA degree.  While there, she had a part time on campus job assisting a well known ceramic artist.  He would create the molds and she would pour them.  He gave her this pot which she gifted to me. I have the back of the pot facing out.  The front featured a large high heel red shoe!  I love the back and dislike the front so have always turned it backwards.  I bought the cross at Hobby Lobby when I moved here.  It was the perfect color so no re-painting necessary.

This is the wall next to the garage door.  I bought this chest at a yard sale.  It was in my office in AZ with the other two pieces that have the same design.  The mirror was from Hobby Lobby and was silver when I bought it for my master bathroom here.  Later I moved it to this spot and painted it to match the chest.

This is the stairway down to the art studio.  At the time we finished this remodel project I did a blog post going into detail on what we did.  If you are interested you can research older posts and read all about it there.  The shelves are full of favorite things.  I did the painting and the wall hanging is from Hobby Lobby.

I'll move on to the kitchen.  Since the room is too big to show in one photo I took two shots from different angles.

I took close ups of the various "art" items I have in the kitchen.

This one shows a pot I got from Ross, a container filled with a plant that my friend Nancy gave me and a small vase that my mother made and painted that are on top of the cupboard.  The large bowl and matching small bowls were a housewarming  gift from my mother that she bought at an art fair in Columbus, OH for us when we moved to AZ. The little gold leaf dish was a 50th anniversary gift from friends Rubin & Jan.  The copper container which holds my kitchen utensils was from a garage sale.  Notice the apple on a stick in the container.  It was made by my dad and painted by me back in the 80's.  The two trays were also garage sale items.

I painted these as a matching set.  They are functional as well as pretty decorations.

As we move around the counter I have a few other special things that are also useful.

My napkin holder was made by my dad and painted by me many years ago.

I can say ditto on the tray...made by Dad and painted by me.  I use it to hide all the cords from the phone.  The fruit bowl was a gift from my friend Jean and the small bowl and vase came from garage sales.

The items on the top of my dish cabinet are a mixture of garage sale items and a pot made by my mom.  I painted the cross painting and stool.  The stool came from a garage sale here in MI. Roger made the stained glass windows.  Below is a close up of the stool.

By the door to the backyard I have a painting I did on a board made by my dad.  This was in the 80's.  The small cross is a very special to us.   It was given to us as a going away present by our Bible Study group in OH when we moved to AZ.   Roger has just started work on a stained glass window for the door. When it is done I will post photos.

The wooden bowl which I have on my island is another yard sale find which I painted.  I use it to showcase some seashell balls given to my by my friend Nancy.  You have probably notice I have lots of items that were given to me by her.  She was always changing out decorative items and when she bought something new she  gave me the things she was replacing.  I put a piece of coral that came from (you guessed it) a yard sale on top of the balls.

Last are two glass items.  The plate was made by my friends Don &  Leila"s  daughter.  She had it on display in her home and when I told her I thought it was pretty.  She gave it to me saying "her daughter made so many of these that she would just get another one from her and I could have this one." The glass flower is something that I bought from the Three Rivers Art Guild Holiday Show.  It was blown by one of the guild members. It is a perfect match for the plate.

You have now seen all the art in the first floor of my house.  When I decided to share my personal collection of art I didn't realize how much I had.  Everything I own is full of memories of people and places.  People who have passed through my life and places I have lived.  Doing this series has reminded me of how I am surrounded by love of all these people.  Some have passed away and I no longer live close to the rest, but owning things that they gave to me will always keep them close.