Welcome to Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work

Welcome to  Pam Davidson's Online Art Gallery Enjoy a Scroll Through My Art Work
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Whimsical Works of Art by Artist Pam Davidson AKA "The Dot Lady"

Whimsical Works of Art by  Artist Pam Davidson  AKA "The Dot Lady"
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Home Improvement Project

This post does not show a new painting but a home improvement project that we just completed today.  This project has been in my mind for probably over 20 years.  I'll post photos then tell you the story of how it came to be.
This is my front entrance hall.  Even though we have a coat closet I wanted hooks of some kind on the wall.  We have so many people stop by for short periods of time.  Since this is Michigan, for over half the year they are wearing a jacket or coat.  I thought for convenience  it would be nice to have a coat hanging wall.  We went shopping at the home improvement stores but all the coat hangers were so ordinary that I knew I had to come up with another idea.

So.....Flash back to 1960.  For the first year that we were married every time we drove by Hammers Furniture Store on Market Street in Youngstown, Ohio I commented on how much I loved a clock that was hanging on a wall in the window.  It had a round center about 12" in diameter with the clock face which was very simple with round little knobs as the numbers and streamlined hands.  Coming out around the edged of the clock, randomly spaced, were stems with large and small flowers on the ends.  It was made of off white metal highlighted with  antique gold. The all over size was about 40" wide by 30" high.  One day as we drove by I noticed the clock was gone.  I was sad that I would not see it anymore.  Little did I know that Roger had bought it for a present for me for our first anniversary.  That clock followed us from house to house for the next 35 years.  By the time we moved to Tucson it was in pretty rough shape and was not working anymore so Roger told me to get rid of it.  I decide to remove the flowers and keep them.  I told him someday I would come up with an idea of a project where I could use them.  When we packed up to move here they were still in a box and again he suggested I get rid of them but I said no that someday I would use them somehow.  That day has come!

While thinking of a way to make an attractive area to hang coats I thought of the flowers.  Since I have a combination of both silver and gold items in my living room I decided to use that combination.  I removed the antique gold centers of the flowers and spray painted the petals a hammered silver then reattached the gold centers.  The hanging hooks are also antique gold.  I love  how it looks.  Just nine days after our 56th anniversary the flowers again have a place of honor in our home.

 I also want to mention the color of the wall they are hanging on.  Slowly we are getting some of the walls painted.  Most of them are two shades of tan both light and dark.  I wanted a little more drama so decided on using this color called Divine Wine on a few selected walls.

The house is a work in progress so it is nice to get a few smaller jobs done.  I am still waiting on news of when my new kitchen will be installed.  It was supposed to be last week but the counter tops were not ready so unless it is done tomorrow or Wednesday I want to hold off until after Thanksgiving.

I will continue to post photos of home improvement projects along with any art projects I complete.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Forest Royalty and Ostrich Egg

My new life here in Michigan is keeping me busy in a different way than my old life in Arizona.  My Tucson life revolved around my art and Southern Arizona Art Guild functions.  I worked the gallery a few times a month and was part of many art exhibitions and show openings. I spent many hours each day painting. We went out to lunch a few times a week with friends. We had church activities. We bowled a couple of times a week.  Roger kept busy with his stained glass commissions.

 Now that we have moved things have changed.  We spend much time with home renovations which include our house and two houses belonging to family members.  We attend church each Sunday and joined a bowling league which meets once a week.  Instead of leisurely lunches with friends at upscale restaurants we share many meals with family members mostly at our house or at fast food places.  Our art has taken a backseat to family and house projects but that is okay.  We are loving being so close to our family and we like the laid back feel of living in a small town.

 When we were younger and planing our retirement we always thought we would move to a small town and renovate a century house but 20 years ago when we retired we changed those plans and moved to a brand new house in an active adult community in Arizona and turned our focus to our art.  We now think of that as our first retirement.  This move to MI is our second retirement which fits the plans we made long ago.  Once we get the house projects done and build our new art studios we will once again make creating art main activity.

 I know that it will take awhile to get established  in the art community here and I have taken the first steps by applying to join the Three Rivers Artist Guild.  I will have to be juried in and that doesn't happen until January.  I also plan to apply to a juried show at the Carnegie Institute of the Arts which again, doesn't happen until January.  Hopefully I will be accepted in both.

 In the mean time I still make some time to paint and have finished two projects which I will post here.  The first is a painting I call "Forest Royalty".  I thought this would be a good fit for the area where I now live.  The size of this painting is 18 X 20.

The other project that I completed is the ostrich egg that I mentioned in a previous post.  I had a hard time getting a good photo because I kept getting a light reflection spot in the center of the egg. I finally gave up and decided to post the photos with the spot.  Here are two of photos showing the egg from different sides.
I am currently working on a tray for my grand-daughter Stacy.  After I complete that I have to work on refinishing a few pieces of furniture for my living room and also we are building some shelves for our new office that I will have to paint.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon and I will be the dinner host.  There should be 20 family members coming.  I am still waiting on my new kitchen to be installed which should happen next week.  I'm hoping it will be done in time for Thanksgiving.

One more thing, even though I no longer live in Tucson I will still have art showing at the SAAG Gallery Holidazzle show.  If you live in Tucson this will be your last chance to buy my work at the gallery.  After that you will have to contact me at rogpamd@msn.com  and order online.  I'll post more information on Holidazzle in an upcoming post.

Friday, October 30, 2015

My first canvas painting done in Michigan titled "Mare and Foal #3"

Here is the first painting on canvas that I have done since my move to Michigan.  I decided to do another version of a painting I have done twice before.  Both paintings sold when I was living in Arizona.  I thought it would be a good one to do here because horse lovers are everywhere and we live in the middle of farm country.  I call it "Mare and Foal #3" because it is the third version of this subject matter. I will also post photos of the other paintings I did. Each has a different title and I will explain why I chose each name.  Here is the newest one.
I thought it would show nicely in this rustic frame.  I wanted to stick to the brown tones but decided to add accents of teal.  It seems that is a very popular color in this area. I'm not sure where I will show this painting but it is ready when an opportunity comes along.
This is the first one I did which was for a SAAG exhibition called "Double Exposure".  The premise of the show was for photographers to submit a photo which was then given to an artist to use as inspiration for a painting done in their own style.  I was paired up with Mary Nation who took the photo posted below.  It was titled "Mother and Foal"  which is what I called my painting.
When I sold the painting  at an exhibition I did in Sun City Oro Valley I decided to do another version to show at the SAAG Gallery.  It also sold.  Here it is.

I titled this one "Queen and her Prince".  I decided on that name because of the gold frame and the use of gold in the painting itself. I thought it gave the painting a royal look.

I am able to do many versions of the same painting because I do my original drawing on tracing paper.  I keep these patterns and can reuse them by transferring them onto the canvas using transfer paper.  I do this instead of having prints made of my art.  This way every painting I sell is an original  hand painted piece of art.  Even though I am using the same pattern no two paintings are exactly the same.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mr. Hoots in Boots

My 16 year old grand-daughter bought this cute owl and asked me to paint him.  Her stipulations were that he be very colorful and that his boots be red. She did not want to see him while I was working on him.  She wanted to wait until he was finished.  I am happy to say she was thrilled with what I did with him.  I named him Mr. Hoots in Boots. Here are before and after photos.

I had started working on an abstract ostrich egg before I did Mr. Hoots and went back and forth between the two.  I painted on one while waiting for paint to dry on the other.  Once I got to the design part I concentrated on finishing Mr. Hoots.  I am now working on the designs on the egg but will also start work on the background of a new 11X14 painting.

I'm finding I don't have as much time to paint since we made the move here to MI.  There is so much work to do on getting the house remodeled and we are spending a lot of time with family.  I'm glad we enjoy  the remodeling process and see it as way of creating the vision of what we want our home to be. Our art is taking a back seat right now but that is okay. We moved here to be close to family and feel it is a blessing to be able to spend time with them.

 I set up a temporary work area until we find time to finish off the basement into two efficient studios.  One will be my painting shop and the other for my husband's stained glass shop.  In the mean time I am stuck with a makeshift work area with no sink which means I have to make trips up and down the stairs every time I need water. Along with no sink, is the problem of finding things.  Everything is all in a jumble.  Until I have a place to put things they remain in boxes or on the temporary shelves and workbench.  What a mess!

 I will post a few pictures of what the basement looks like now.  Stuff is everywhere and many boxes need to be unpacked or stored.  It is like trying to work in a war zone. I'm guessing it will take us a year or more of work to get the studios we dream of.  These are the "before" photos.  It will be a happy day when I can post the "after" photos.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fruit Paintings from the past

I have not had much time to paint since we made the move to MI.  I am busy with doing things for the house and also doing things for family.  For that reason I am posting paintings that I have done in the past.  I am considering doing new versions of these paintings in the future.  I think they will show well here in MI.  Here are some of what I call my "Tootie Frootie" collection.
"Berries and Blossoms"
"Geometric Fruit"
"Red Delicious"

"Yellow and Green Fruit"
I want to mention that all of these paintings have been sold.

I have a small painting project that I hope to work on in my spare time.  It is an ostrich egg that I plan to decorate with a colorful abstract design.  I'll post a photo when I get it done.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Logo on Black Background

I spent some time on the computer this morning putting my new logo on a black background.  I wanted to add it under the southwest saguaro logo but have no idea how to do that.  It is soooo long since I set up this blog that I have forgotten how to do anything except new posts.  I am afraid to fool around with it for fear I may delete the whole thing.  So, I decided to just post the black background version here.   I wish I had more tech knowledge to add it to the top of the page but until I can find someone to help me, this is the best I can do.  Here it is:
I love the way it looks on black and wish I could afford to print my business cards with the black background but it would use up too much black ink.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Business Card and Other Things

It is four weeks since our move to Michigan.  Everyday is full of things to do.  We are working on projects around the house both big and small. We have contracted to have a re-do of the kitchen which may take a couple of months to get done.  We have to tile the kitchen floor before the new island and cabinets are installed.  We are currently working on making the master closet more efficient.  This involves many trips to Home Depot and Menard's which is also a home improvement store,  Making choices of flooring and paint and the counter top and many other decisions takes time and thought.  Anyway, between doing all of this we have interaction with family members everyday. I also made time to work on a new business card.  I did a painting of the tree I did a sketch of that I mentioned in my last post but I was not happy with it. That meant coming up with another idea and doing another painting.  I tried a tree in full bloom done in a patchwork fashion.  I liked the way it turned out so I designed a business card using it as the focal point.  Here is what I came up with.
After I unpacked the paintings I brought with me I invited family members to choose what they liked as a gift from me.  Here are the paintings that I gave away.

I still have a few other family members who will choose a painting.  When they decide what they want I will post photos of their choices.

I have some painting projects I want to do for myself that I will be working on next.  I have some pieces of furniture that I decorated for the Arizona house that I will be using here but I want to change the color of part of the paintings to match my new decor.  I'll post before and after photos of what I do.